For the gods of the future things,
and men of present, but the wise of
approaching things become aware.

Philostratus, The Life of Apollonius
of Tyana, viii, 7
Men are aware of current happenings.
Things of the future are the province of the gods
who have the full and sole dominion of all lights.
But wise men can from all of future things
perceive what now draws near. Their hearing sense

at times, when deep absorbed in meditation,
is stirred. The mystic rumbling sound
of such events approaching reaches them.
On it they wait in reverence. And on the street,
out there, the masses of mankind hear not a thing.

The verses above are reproduced with the permission of the Publisher from 
The Greek Poems of C.P. Cavafy As Translated by Memas Kolaitis. 
Copyright @ 1989 The Estate of Memas Kolaitis.
All rights reserved. Published by Aristide D. Caratzas.

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