Cultural Outreach Program

[picture] n important goal of the Vryonis Center is to involve the academic community, Greeks in the diaspora, and the public at large in a variety of cultural activities which illustrate the long history, richness, and diversity of Hellenic civilization. The activities of the Center's cultural outreach program include conferences , lectures, film presentations, musical performances, and exhibits. From the fall of 1989 through the spring of 1993, the Vryonis Center organized or co-sponsored 11 conferences. The topics covered by these conferences included ancient Greek history, literature and art; the Byzantine Empire; Greece's influence on European art and culture; the modern history, politics, and sociology of Greece, including the emergence of Greek national identity and the development of the country since World War II; modern Greek literature and music; the politics and economy of Greece within the framework of the country's membership in the European Community; the Balkan crisis; and issues concerning Greeks in the diaspora.

The Center organized or co-sponsored the conferences in conjunction with universities and professional associations in California; other American academic institutions and think tanks; and governmental organizations, cultural associations, and universities in Greece, Australia, and Canada.

Theconferences were held in Sacramento, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Athens, and Melbourne. The speakers included academics, political leaders, journalists, members of the clergy, artists, and music historians in an attempt to address a broad range of issues from a variety of perspectives.


Maenad from a red-figure amphora of the Kleophrades Painter, ca. 500 B.C.

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