CYPRUS: Communications & Transportation

Roads: Paved: 3,384 miles / 5,482 km (1992)

Unpaved: 3,004 miles / 4,845 km (1992)

Motor vehicles: 412.944 (Total number circulating in free Cyprus at the end of 1993). Car ownership one of highest in the world.

Airports : Larnaca International Airport, is the main Cypriot airport; Paphos International Airport. Both were constructed to meet the country's requirements after the closure of the Nicosia International Airport as a result of the Turkish invasion. Airports located in the Turkish-occupied area are considered illegal ports of entry into the Republic. Cyprus has concluded bilateral air service agreements with 32 countries.

Ports: Seaborne traffic is serviced by a fully renewed port system comprised of the new multipurpose ports of Limassol and Larnaca, the new industrial port at Vassiliko and the three specialized oil terminals at Larnaca, Dekelia and Moni.

The Famagusta port, Kyrenia harbor and mineral terminal at Karavostassi constitute other Cypriot port facilities, which are illegal ports of entry since their military occupation by Turkey in 1974.

Telecommunications: Telecommunications in Cyprus are provided by the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA), a corporate body established by law, which is responsible for the provision, maintenance and development of the relevant services on a national and international basis.

Today, Cyprus has a very advanced telecommunications system and is connected via satellite to most countries in the world. (Ninety-nine percent of the outgoing telephone traffic can be accessed automatically from Cyprus, while the rest of the world can be reached through the operator). Telex and telegraph service is provided to virtually every country in the world, while telefax, audiotex and videoconferencing connection is available to those countries that have introduced the service. Currently the number of direct exchange lines per 100 of population is approximately 52 and that number is expected to reach 65 by 1997.

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