IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the Turkish invasion of July 1974, the northern 37% of the Cypriot Republic's territory has been under Turkish military occupation. Except where indicated, the information below refers to the area under the control of the Cyprus government. Since little factual information--that can be independently rerified-- exists for the Turkish-occupied territory, most of the data regarding that area is based on estimates. A separate section at the end of this report, deals exclusively with the Turkish-occupied territory.

Geography (entire island)

Location: Near East, in the southeastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea; 64 km (40 mi) south of Turkey; 90 km (62 mi) west of Syria; 180km (112mi ) north-west of Lebanon; 230 km (143mi) north-west of Israel; and 350 km (218mi) north of Egypt. Greece lies 270 km (168mi) to the north-west ( island of Kastellorizo) and 400km (250mi) also to the north-west (island of Rhodes).

Area: Maritime claims:

Climate: Temperate, Mediterranean with hot summers and changeable winters. Average annual rainfall is 500 mm. Sunshine is abundant throughout the year, particularly from April to September when the daily average exceeds 11 hours. Snow is not unusual feature in winter on ground above 1,000 m. on Troodos mountain.

Terrain: Central plain with mountains to north (Pendadhaktylos range, rising to a height of 1,042 meters) and south (Troodos massif, culminating in the peak of Mount Olympus, 1,953 m.).

Main cities: Nicosia (capital), Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Famagusta (Turkish-occupied),

Kyrenia (Turkish-occupied).

Environment: Moderate earthquake activity; water resource problems (no natural reservoir catchments, seasonal disparity in rainfall, most potable resources located in Turkish-occupied area--several dams and water reservoirs have been recently completed in the free area); some water pollution from sewage and industrial waste; coastal degradation and loss of wildlife habitats due to urbanization and massive tourism development projects.

Natural Resources: Copper, pyrites, asbestos, gypsum, timber, salt, clay earth.

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