Time: Seven hours ahead of U.S. EST; two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

Telephone: International Country Code: (301).

Travel in Greece: Passport required. Visa not required for American citizens staying up to 3 months for business/pleasure. Vaccination certificate not required. No particular health risks exist.

Tourist Offices:

In the United States:
New York:    (212) 421-5777
Chicago:     (312) 782-1084
Los Angeles: (213) 626-6696

In Canada:

Montreal:  (514) 871-1535
Toronto:   (416) 968-2220

In Greece: 

Greek National Tourist Organization
2 Amerikis Street
Tel :(1) 323 3111.

Embassy in the US   
            Embassy of Greece
            2221 Massachusetts Avenue
            Washington DC 20008

        Tel: (202) 939-5800
        Fax: (202)939-5824

        Ambassador:  The Honorable Loucas Tsilas

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