Political Parties:

Parties represented in the Parliament and in order of prominence in the lat parliamentary elections of September 22, 1996.

1. Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK: Panellenio Socialistiko Kinima, the socialists).
Leader: Contantinos Simitis.

2. New Democracy (ND: Nea Dimokratia, the conservatives).
Leader: Miltiades Evert

3. The Communist Party of Greece(KKE: Kommounistiko Komma Elladas, the communists).
Leader: Aleca Papariga

4. The Progressive Left Coalition(Synaspismos Aristera kai Proodou, leftist).
Leader: Nicos Constanopoulos

5. Democratic Movement of Socialist Equality (DHKKI: Dimokratikon Kinima Kenonikis Isotitas, Socialist)
Leader: Dimitris Tsovolas

Elections: Officially every four years (Universal suffrage at age 18 and compulsory)

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