A Survey of Archival Records of New York's Hellenic Community

Dbase Input Model

A DBase input model had been created to try to: (1) cover the types of archival material found in collections of various Greek-American associations, schools and churches, (2) provide information an archivist might be interested in (condition, stored artifacts, etc.); (3) provide information to aid a researcher in locating documents or artifacts of interest to them and (4) based on the Project archivists survey format. Three separate Dbase files were created to cover associations, schools and churches separately. Fields used and descriptions are as follows:

Field No. And Name Field Description

  1. Name Name of school, church or association
  2. Location Street address of above
  3. City_State City and state location
  4. Zip Zip number
  5. Tel. No. Telephone number
  6. Contact Name of person to contact to gain access to collection
  7. History-Biography Memo field providing a short history of the association or short biography of founder or both
  8. Dates Dates covered by collection
  9. Quantity Estimated quantity in linear feet
  10. Language Were files in Greek, English or both languages?
  11. Access Were files accessible or by appointment?
  12. Finding Aids Were there finding aids available (indexes, etc.)
  13. Arranged Were files arranged chronologically, alphabetically or by subject
  14. Condition Physical condition of files-fragile? Damaged? OK?
  15. Artifacts Memo field listing artifacts (certificates, flags, other mementos, etc.)
  16. Minute Books Dates and linear feet
  17. Journals,Newspapers Memo field listing journals and newspapers with dates and total linear feet
  18. Correspondance Dates covered with total linear feet
  19. Fin. Statements Available financial statements with Dates and total linear feet
  20. Newsletters Dates and total linear feet
  21. Other Records Memo field listing other records and linear feet
  22. Bylaws Dates and linear feet
  23. Functions Record of social functions, trips, etc. regularly taken (annual dance, etc.)
  24. Audio/Visual Counted number of photos, slides, audio tapes, video tapes store

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