Visiting Scholars


n 1993, the Vryonis Center initiated a program which brings academics from the United States and other countries to the Center to carry out extended research, using the resources of the Vryonis Center Library. In selecting people for the program, the Center inclhoudes scholars whose areas of interest encompass a wide range of historical periods and disciplines within Hellenic studies and related fields.


Dr. Kitroeff's research topic was the evolution of Greek nationalism from 1875 to 1913 within the context of the rise of nationalism in the Balkans, especially Bulgaria, and the consequent struggle over Macedonia which culminated in the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913.

Dr. Prodromou examined the institutional and cultural dynamics of church-state relations in Greece under the Pasok government of the 1980s. She has also conducted comparative research on nationalism, religion, and democratic transitions in Albania, Bulgaria, and Greece.

Dr. Psomiades' research focused on the population exchange between Greece and Turkey following the war between these two countries from 1919 to 1922. He has examined the changing nature of relations between the Greek state and the Greek diaspora.

Dr. Todorov has written a book which concentrates primarily on the transformation of Greek-Bulgarian relations and the changes in Greek political life during the years he served as ambassador to Greece.

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